1st Step: Call or Text Us

We buy unused, unexpired, and sealed in the box diabetic test strips. CALL or TEXT us TODAY at (678) 926-8243 to get a fast quote right now for your test strips.

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2nd Step: Send a Picture

The next step is to take a picture with your smartphone and text it to us at (678) 926-8243. We need to see the front of the box and also the expiration date side.

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3rd Step: Get Cash Today!

The last step is to collect YOUR CASH. We pay Cash, No checks, Pickup is free! When we pickup you get CASH immediately. When you mail in you Get Paid via PAYPAL

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Sell Your Strips Now!

Millions of Americans are suffering from diabetes. Unfortunately, not all of them have the income or insurance to cover the cost of their necessary supplies. By selling your unused boxes of glucose test strips, you make it possible for them to afford the materials they need, and you get paid for doing it! That way, everybody wins.

Unfortunately, a lot of people do not have adequate insurance to buy their much needed diabetic supplies. Our network facilitates getting those supplies into the hands of those who need them but can't afford them. Diabetic test strips can be lifesaving for people who need them. DON'T LET YOURS GO TO WASTE. People often ask "where can I sell my extra diabetic test strips"? Look no further, we will buy your extra diabetic test strips for CASH today.

We know from time to time people have extra boxes of test strips lying around that they will not need or use. We would rather buy your extra test strips from you rather than to let them sit there unused and eventually expire. They can be of use to somebody else who needs them, but may not be able to afford them.

We feel good about the service we provide, both to the people we buy our strips from and the people we sell our strips to. We strive to make a good impression on everyone we do business with. We conduct our business with honesty, trust, and integrity.

We understand that making your experience with us a pleasant one is vital to your satisfaction and our continued relationship. Feel free to call or text us 24 hours a day 7 days a week.